If you're a Canadian music artist, we can help you get money to create!
Find out about all the grants (and grant-like loans) that are available for you from many different sources - both private and government agencies.
Here's the good news.... for many of the programs it's 100% guaranteed!
We charge a straight commission of 15% of whatever you are offered.
There's no charge for an unsuccessful application.
You've got nothing to lose! 
Other programs are charged on a fee-for-services basis and priced individually.  Please ask.

About Us

Treefort Artists will help you find money for your next project!
The Treefort is inhabited by me (Joni Daniels), Chris Wardman (guitarist/songwriter for Blue Peter and former record company weasel at 3 of the 4 major labels) and a select group of freelance music writers.
Some things you might want to know about me:
* I promoted my first concert when I was 17 years old
* I was on the crew that launched MuchMusic and worked there for 18 years as a producer and director.
* I left Much to be the general manager at Handsome Boy Records
* I once toured Spain and Portugal with Soundgarden, Faith No More and Guns 'N Roses
* I'm now an official rock and roll casualty - 90% deaf - and have to ask my trusted advisors if your music is any good.
* I love my Vespa